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Spigarello with Raisins and Pine Nuts Recipe

Spigarello with raisins and pine nuts recipe

Introducing… spigarello!

Well, it is new to me, at least. ┬áIt is not often that I come across a vegetable that, not only have I never tried, but that I haven’t even heard of before. I love the challenge of trying new things, and this week, I noticed spigarello on the list of add-ons for our weekly CSA and had to make sure it was part of our delivery this week!

Vegetarian Black Bean Enchilada Quinoa Bake

This vegetarian black bean enchilada quinoa bake is a healthy, filling combination of quinoa, black beans, and veggies, baked with enchilada sauce.This healthy, vegetarian enchilada quinoa bake is one of my family’s most-requested dinners. I figured, what better way to start off a food blog than share something that we all adore?

This enchilada quinoa bake is just SO good, really filling, and holds well in the fridge for leftovers, so I’m happy it makes a large batch. The quinoa and black beans load up the protein, and adding all the veggies round it out into a complete meal.